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Dg400 adid = 37950

Aviation Photo number 52147
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Gliders, For Sale | Glaser Dirk, DG400 | £46000

G-BNXL. #4-216
1632 a/f hours 182engine hours. 717 landings
New Hoffmann propeller
LX7007c (colour display), with LXdisplay, Flarm, Oudie 2.
ASI, ALT, vario, turn and slip, radio (ATR 720), vertical card compass.
Tow out gear.
Oxygen plus regulator.
Full set Vertigo covers.
Parachute (GQ)
Trailer: Comet with solar panel. A Time-snake ALKO tow hitch.
Self rig AIDS.
EASA documentation.
Send Michael Lee a Secure Message. Contact Details 07801304633
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