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Sole Occupancy Hangar Available Near Lichfield adid = 38161

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Hangarage and Tie down space, For Sale

An ideal opportunity to own a SINGLE OCCUPANCY 80% steel clad hangar with a four point locking system at a long established 650m grass airstrip near Lichfield Staffs. Flyable almost all year round the hangars are set back in a coppice adjacent to the runway, so open up, taxi out and off you go ! Hangar is suitable for lots of different types and has recently housed a Jodel and prior to that several Vans types.
Annual fees are probably the lowest in the UK with well-maintained runways and superb approaches.
There is a tractor, gang mowers, roller and storage container as part of the club assets so a one off join fee is also applicable to new members (Separate transaction)
In a nutshell:
• Single occupancy hangar (so no hangar rash or moving other planes to go flying)
• Possible the cheapest fees in the UK
• Long grass runway (650m so suitable for lots of different types)
• Superb approaches
• 80% steel clad hangar
• Steel doors with four point locking system

These opportunities rarely come up especially on long grass strips with single occupancy and low rates. This is not just a hangar it is a FULL flying spot within a long standing well established Midlands flying club.
Contact Paul on 0742 869 2874
Send Paul Sears a Secure Message.
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