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Rallye Minerva Ms894a Spares For Sale adid = 38212

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | SOCATA, MS894A Minerva

Many parts available for this great aircraft, recently broken for spares. All in great condition, some stripped and repainted ready to refit, eg. fin, horizontal stabilizer etc., prior to decision to break up.
Canopy and cowlings in good condition, avionics etc.

Call for more information and prices - currently adding new parts to list all items.
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Spares remaining
Aileron – port
Aileron – starboard
Aileron Control Rod LH
Aileron Control Rod RH + New unused one
Bottom Engine Cowell
Centre Floor Board (Flap Control cover)
Electrical Panel
Elevator Half Port
Elevator Half Starboard
Elevator Tab Control Cable And Controls
Engine Baffles
Engine control cables with control knobs
Extended Wing Tip Port
Extended Wing Tip Starboard
Fairing With Step Port
Fairing With Step Starboard
Flap – port
Flap – Starboard
Front Seat Slide Rails
Fuel Filter
Horizontal Stabilizer
Instrument – ADF Indicator
Instrument – Air Speed Indicator
Instrument – Artificial Horizon
Instrument – Glide Slope
Instrument – Narco IDME 891
Instrument – Narco VOR Indicator
Instrument – Turn & Slip Coordinator
Instrument – Vertical Speed Indicator
Leading Edge Slat – Port
Leading Edge Slat – Starboard
Long Range Fuel Tank – Port
Low Voltage Indicator
Main Gear Strut – port
Main Hinge Arm Assembly - Port
Nose Landing Gear Strut Assembly
Rear End Cover
Rudder Tab Control Cable And Controls
Top Engine Cowell
Vertical Stabilizer
Vertical Stabilizer Connector
Wing – Port
Wing – Starboard
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