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***sold*** Thanks To Afors, Pulsar 582 Tailwheel, adid = 38221

Aviation Photo number 52791
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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Pulsar 1 | £10.000 ono

****SOLD*******Thank you AFORS *******SOLD***

Permit to fly valid till January 2020, Propeller will need a sand and revarnish and a 8.33 radio. (i fly with a 8.33 handheld)

big price drop because i need space in my hangar
Reluctantly selling my pulsar due moving to a bigger plane.

I brought her 2.5 years ago and have used her to get me around the country for work, as well as pleasurable flights.

I like to cruise at 95kts 15-17Lt Hr burn rate, she will cruise faster if you need, fighter like handling and extremely comfortable seats, handles on tarmac no problem and brilliant visibility out of the canopy.
Excellent 582 grey top, i have never had any problems with it and there is around 90hours on the engine now, 60L capacity fuel tank of pre mixed MOGAS.
The wings and tail plane comes off in 15mins, she can be stored in a very small space! (car garage)

408kg MTOW

I operated her from a number of grass strips and easily landed and departed a 400m, (i was airborne in about 200m)

have search on google to see all of the specs of the pulsar.
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There are 8 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Hi, What engine does the aircraft have and where is it based? Thanks, Doug

A1 As stated above it's a 582 Rotax grey top, she is based in Cornwall

Q2 Hi, what is the empty weight and Mtow thanks

A2 awaiting answer

Q3 If you have not sold the aircraft can you contact me on07551255928 I am interested in purchasing it. Thank you. N.B if there is no contact I will assume it has been soldl

A3 awaiting answer

Q4 hi is the plain still for sale if so can you give a call cheers roy 07544881743

A4 awaiting answer

Q5 hello is it an experimental aircraft or ultralight tc? thank you yaron

A5 awaiting answer

Q6 hello interested in your pulsar and would like achat about it. tried befor but forgot to change enail adress on this page. thanks rog

A6 awaiting answer

Q7 Is this still for sale? Thanks Tony

A7 awaiting answer

Q8 Is this still for sale? Thanks Tony

A8 awaiting answer

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