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Pa32 Connington, Sywell, Turweston Or Similar adid = 38246

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Piper, PA32 | 50 - 100K

New group forming around a PA32 Lance or Cherokee six that will either have or be upgraded to Garmin 650 or 750 and have full IFR instrumentation, engine monitor, 8.33 radios, Mode S and club seating. Located Connington, Sywell, Turweston or similar with monthly cost of £100 - £150 per month. Shares to be £8 - £16K with a maximum group size of 6 freindly people willing to work together for the benefit of the plane. A real touring plane with availability to be taken away on holidays and weekends. For more information call Chris Early 07971899093
Send Chris Early a Secure Message. Contact Details 07971899093 Ask a Question