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Vans Rv6 Hercules Propeller Forsale adid = 38355

Aviation Photo number 53031
Aviation Photograph 2
Views so far = 1706

Engines & Props, For Sale | Hercules, Diameter: 70", Pitch | £750

FORSALE NEARLY NEW RV6 Prop (used for 10 hours only)
Hercules Propeller for an RV6 (0-320 160Hp)(the sticker is incorect and atypo(Rupert from Hercules Props can confirm this) Drawing number and LAA approval List.

Diameter: 70", Pitch 80".

Climb rate i was getting 1400 FPM and 160 Knots Cruis 75% so a middle of the road prop.

Call me on 07415381788 Jeremy
ADDED Oct 21st 2016 (updated 11/11/16)

Can ship to any UK location
Send Jeremy Winder a Secure Message. Contact Details Jeremy Winder Ask a Question

There are 2 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Hi On one of the images it shows the placard, the placard shows this to be for a O-360 (1/2 bolts, 320 is 3/8), can you verify what engine this is for? Rgds

A1 awaiting answer

Q2 Hi, how was the spec for the prop ? General or more climb / cruise or ??... Why isnt it suitable for your plane ? BR Werner

A2 awaiting answer

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