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Propeller Table Xmas Time!!! adid = 38391

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Miscellaneous, For Sale | dVine

dVine Designs

Limited Edition "Prop"er Coffee / Side Tables

2 different variations and sizes

Upcycled, mounted to a custom hub and hand polished to a flawless mirror finish. We only use the best 10mm polished glass tops, you can chose from clear or smoked and can include company logos or personalisation (great for gifts)

Used propellers from light aircraft (all props on tables come with history of aircraft)

We have a true one off table too removed from a crash damaged aircraft (see pics)

Beautiful tables steeped in history and character

These are in stock but can make more to order

Please contact us on 07974 787787 or 01580 389144
Send Bertie Meeks a Secure Message. Contact Details 01580389144