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Sold Cessna 152, Hangared Shoreham, Great Condition adid = 38411

Aviation Photo number 53165
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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | C152

Cessna 152 Excellent aircraft. This is a 1983 model with good nav fit and comms along with a Garmin duel nav comm. A Horton STOL Kit is fitted to this aircraft (excellent short take off) Friendly group and very good availability, online booking system Hangared at Shoreham No deposit required, just good old fashioned honesty needed £30 per month and £85 per hour on the tacho wet rate. (fuel included) If you like the look please get in touch and come and see the aircraft. PLB Life jackets and life raft available via our booking system We also have a club room on the airfield with free car parking to members. Contact Tim on or via text 07455 028713 and we will get back to you. Or use our web site:
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 07455 028713