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Henstridge (somerset) 1990 Pzl Koliber adid = 38419

Aviation Photo number 53187
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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups

Six shares available in a 1990 PZL Koliber 150. Based at the friendly, hard-surfaced Henstridge Aerodrome (Somerset/Wiltshire border).

The aircraft which is lightly utilised, has less than 1000 hours total(200 SMOH). The PZL is a safe, semi aerobatic, STOL aircraft with new paint and interior, good avionics and is lovely to fly.

Online booking and professionally run group for only £3500 per share and monthly cost sharing. Typical fixed costs are a mere £800 per annum per share.

Please call 01747854423 or write to

Look forward to welcoming you. Kind regards Andrew
Send Andrew Komosa a Secure Message. Contact Details 07759751320