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Jabiru 3300 Propeller - Now Sold adid = 38522

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Engines & Props, For Sale | Jabiru, 60x53 | Any Sensible offer

******************NOW SOLD ****************

Jabiru 3300 propeller.

60 x 53 for the 3300 engine. Suitable for a Jabiru J400 or J430 etc

Used on our J400 for approx 90 hours only. See photo with prop insitu on our aircraft.

In good condition with only a few minor marks / blemishes. No serious damage or dings. Please see photos.

These props cost new £1,350 (refer to Skycraft website).

More photos can be supplied, please email or ring me.

PRICE - Happy to accept any sensible offer.


Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 07715 477043