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Fixed Wing And Flex Dolly adid = 38589

Aviation Photo number 53484
Views so far = 2883

Transport and Trailers, For Sale | 150

Heavy duty dolly frame for fixed wing or flex manouvering.
Built for a C42 but also fits flex (Eg Quantum).
3 Free-rotating wheels but rears can be locked to aid "stearing".
Rear wheels also have screw locks to prevent creep in hangar.
Send Pete Allman a Secure Message. Contact Details Pete 07914260499 Ask a Question

There are 4 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 can you tell me max wheel width the dooly can take and price. thanks

A1 Price is 150 Not sure about max width but both C42 and Quantum wheels sit comfortably on the wheel plaftorms

Q2 Also where is it based

A2 Based near Much Wenlock, Shropshire, but could deliver for diesel contribution.

Q3 I would consider this dolly if it could carry an X'air Standard , wheelbase 1.45 metres or 57 inches

A3 awaiting answer

Q4 Could this dolly take a Standard X'air, wheelbase 1.45m or 57 inches?

A4 awaiting answer

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