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Sold! Zenair Ch601 Hds Super Zodiac adid = 38594

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Zenair, Zenair CH601 HDS

SOLD!! Deposit received.

Zenair CH601 HDS Super Zodiac. G-OMEZ. Built 2001.

£17,500 ONO reduced from £18,500 to compensate for lack of 8.33 radio installation.

There is a 20% rebate available from the CAA for purchase of a new 8.33 radio.

Operated on LAA permit / maintained using LAMS schedule.

Approx 679 hours airframe. Approx 700 hours engine.

Approx 165 hours propeller. Aircraft in use.

Maintained by Aircraft Engineers Ltd since Dec 15 (Annual Inspections and 6 month checks). Last Annual Inspection July 16. 6 month check carried out Dec 16. Next Annual Inspection due July 17.

MTOW 544kg (Empty 302kg)

Rotax 912 ULS 100HP

All MPDs up to date

Cruises at 90 knots at 18L/hr

Climb rate of over 1000fpm, extremely responsive and agile.

Landing/Takeoff run approx 550 feet

Woodcomp inflight variable pitch propeller

EIS engine information system

Strobes, landing lights, nav lights

BendixKing KX125 Nav/Com

Garmin GTX327 Transponder

6 hours endurance - 3 fuel tanks (60L header tank and 2x 28L wing tanks)

Runs on Avgas or Mogas

Electric elevator and aileron trim

Stall warner

Wing lockers


Centre Y stick with trim and dual PTT

Dual throttles

Corrosion proofed at build in addition to the excellent corrosion resistance of the 6061-T6 aluminium construction. This is an all metal aircraft so does not need hangared. Canopy cover included.

Previous LAA Engineering approval to install vortex generators although this was not implemented but could be an option for the new owner. Improves low speed handling / reduces stall speed

If you are mechanically minded and can follow the LAMS maintenance schedule then maintenance is low cost.

As seen on static display at the Scottish Airshow 2015.

Genuine reason for sale - I have only flown about 15 hours total in the past year and cannot justify sole ownership of an aircraft. I am reluctantly selling it but I would like to see the aircraft getting used more frequently.

It would be an ideal aircraft for a sole owner who flies more than me, or for a group of 3-4 people who want low cost flying.

Can be viewed at Prestwick and, with notice, Carlisle or Blackpool.

Please contact me on with enquiries.
Send a Secure Message.

There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hi David, a very nice example of the CH601 you have there. I am very interested, but cant seem to find any contact details for you. Could you post your contact details, or contact me on 0777 219 77 62 many thanks Lee Galliford

A1 Hi, I've added my email address now for people who aren't registered with the site.

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