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Foxcub Flylight Ssdr With Polini Water Cooled 250 adid = 38617

Aviation Photo number 53590
Aviation Photograph 2
Aviation Photograph 3

This is a featured advert. Views so far = 9372

Weightshift Microlights, For Sale | Flylight, Foxcub | 9950

Hangared at Fife, (Glenrothes) Scotland - ridiculously high spec SSDR!

Polini 250 watercooled engine with Evans H2O free coolant from new -

Bing carb with jetting perfect for power and cruise - 35 Hours

Emergency parachute

TRIG radio - TY91 VHF Transceiver w/8.33 (cost 1,290)

TRIG transponder - TT21 Class 2 Mode S Transponder (1,668)

Renschler ALTI / VARIO CoMo AV OLC with GPS - with data-logger (395 - recently serviced by Simon Murphy)

ASI - analogue

MGL - E3 engine monitor (EGT / CHT / coolant temp sensor)

Full faring in orange - spare fairing in black

Parachute included

PLUS - flying suit and all kit to fold and store wing on trailer

TRAILER - custom made
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 07894020716


There are 3 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Hi John, Hope you're well. Your FoxCub looks good. Couple of questions, if I may: 1). How many hours / what age? 2). Is that a topless wing? Can't tell from the photos if that is Fox 16T or Fox 13T. 3). Will the trailer take motorway speeds? Best regards, Paul Felbrigg, Norfolk

A1 Sorry! Posted the advert in haste perhaps. Should have said ... 31 hours 30 minutes on the wing, engine and avionics. Frame older (I had a polini 200 aircooled engine before). Yes, topless wing. Nice tight roll rate...folds beautifully.

Q2 Hi John, Is this flexwing trike still available and what are your reasons for sale? Does it have the electric trim? Regards Nigel

A2 awaiting answer

Q3 Hi John is the FoxCub still for sale Thanks Alan

A3 awaiting answer