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Beagle B.206 Series 2 Basset adid = 38675

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Beagle Aircraft Co., B.206 | Offers iro £175000 - 196K Euro

Beagle B.206 series 2 Basset. British and at its best.
Only one on the European register.
A fast and luxurious aircraft with a range of 1600 miles and seating for 7 people. Large baggage bay
Cruise better than 200 knots.

Propellers are three blade Hartzell & new overhaul.

New National C of A.

Separate flight instruments to both pilot & co-pilot with separate supply source. Truly a mini-airliner.

This aircraft has benefited from a very extensive refurbishment and detailed 2400 hour maintenance inspection which has included overhauled landing gear - (next due in 1800 hours), hydraulic rams, brakes & wheels, new tyres. New hydraulic hoses to landing gear and brakes. Overhauled electric fuel pumps.

Airframe 4050 Hours, both engines less than 60 hours, propellers less than 10 hours.

The interior is mostly new with colour coded seat harnesses. Interior trimming includes a refurbished folding table and bar unit
Extensive new paintwork.

Avionics are airways & upgraded to include both radio's 8.33 spacing, mode "S". Bendix IN152A monochrome weather & terrain radar. Bendix M-4C coupled autopilot & approved to 200 AGL. King KDM 150 coupled GPS - current data card fitted. Bose headset plugs. All avionics are King units - 2* nav/comm, 1*ADF, 1*DME, 1* Trans.

This is not your average twin being designed as a fast executive/small feeder-liner aircraft. In this aircraft you can be sure that you will arrive in style and not be parked alongside another Basset. Priced IRO £175k (196K Euro) or offers. Contact Rex Ford +447749 754144 or email
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