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O-200, O-235 And Io-540 Engine Parts adid = 38753

Views so far = 1568

Engines & Props, For Sale

4 O-200 cylinders, zero hours since top overhauled �250 each - Now sold
1 O-200 airbox, vgc �50
1 O-235 carburettor, vgc �450
1 O-200 Delco pull start vgc �150
1 FDS T-30 Digital RPM gauge 2 1/4" hole. New. �150
8 REB37E Spark plugs for IO-540/TO-360. New �120
4 AN5-55A bolts. New. For O-200 engine mounts �25
6 AN6H-42A bolts. New For propeller mounts �25
6 AN6H-43A bolts. New For propeller mounts �25
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