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Ozee Flying Suits And Bar Mitts adid = 38828

Aviation Photo number 53923
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Clothing, For Sale | OZEE

I have an Ozee flying suit and bar mitts for sale as follows:

OZEE ''''''''''''''''Xstream'''''''''''''''' Suit
Size Large
Colour Black/Grey
Condition Rarely used and in very good condition
Price - 50 + 10 Shipping (UK Royal Mail)

OZEE Bar Mitts
Colour - Black
Condition - Like New (used once)
Description -!/Ozee-Barmittens/p/1775826/category=506010
Price - 18 (includes postage)
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There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 Hello, Have you sold your flying suit? Regards Mike G-TERR

A1 awaiting answer