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Wanted Share In Pa28 / C172 Etc. Around Leicester adid = 38874

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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups

Hi all,

As per the title, I''m looking for a share in a PA28 / C172 or equivalent (something 4 seater) in or around a 30 mile or so radius of Leicester.

A bit about me - I passed my PPL at the end of August with 52h after training at East Mids Airport. I''m now at 60h, doing my night rating, may well do the IR(R) next year.

At 39 I''m probably past a career in the jets, so I''m not ''hour building''. Just want good, honest flying :)

Either give me a call using the contact details or email me - nick at nickt co uk


Send Nick Tsiatinis a Secure Message. Contact Details 07747070509
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