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Mainair Gemini Flash Two Alpha Now Sold!! adid = 38905

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Weightshift Microlights, For Sale | Mainair, Flash Two Alpha | 2000

Mainair Flash two alpha for sale in very good condition for its age.

Trike was rebuilt in 2013 and has flown for 73 hours since rebuild, so condition is very tidy (922 hours on airframe, even though it had the rebuild).

Permit not due until 09/09/2017

The wing is in good condition with a lot of life in it. The engine (Rotax 503) has 326 hours on it and never missed a beat, three blade wooden propeller.

Instruments ; vsi, asi, cht, compass, rpm altimeter.

The aircraft comes with wing training bars and instructor front wheel foot control. Also trike cover.

The aircraft will be sold with a radio (Icoms A20) and Communica intercom system and a original wing bag and trike cover. Also included is a winter fight suit very toastie (xl) a medium summer suit with I''ve use for passengers, a large and medium microavionics helmets, 3 jerry cans, a gallon of two stoke oil (pretty sure it''s not been opened), and a map case. Everything you could need to begin to fly.
I''m looking to sale it for £2000, price has been reduced.

Aircraft based at Westonzoyland airfield Somerset. No trailer with sale, so buyer will need to arrange transportation, can be flown away.

This is a extremely tidy aircraft.

Any questions please email me

Thanks for looking
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