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Pegasus Quasar 582 adid = 38906

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Weightshift Microlights, For Sale

Pegasus Quasar 582 for sale 3000 o.n.o. Aircraft based at Wickenby fully rigged. Built in 1993 it has flown 635 airframe hours and 302 engine hours. It has suffered a landing accident in 2003 at 210 airframe hours. It was repaired at the time and has had many permit inspections since. It had a wing strip in November 2012 at 588 airframe hours and the engine had a 100-hour service at the same time. It had its last permit inspection on the 25/06/14 and its last flight was on the 18/06/2015. The engine is due a rebuild. Currently the foot throttle has been replaced with a twist grip throttle. I have the bits and its an easy job to return it to a standard foot throttle. It has a micro avionics interface and a v-rabbit antenna. It also has a trailer, but this has not turned a wheel for years. With a little TLC she will be a great little aeroplane again. The reason she has been pushed to the back of the hanger un loved for 18 months is that I have been down south most weekends on a flying scholarship. I am now selling as I have my heart set on an aerobatic tail wheel aeroplane. Contact Alan Robinson on 01652 678395 or 07906084336.
Send Alan Robinson a Secure Message. Contact Details Alan Robinson 01652 678395 or 07906084336 Ask a Question

There are 2 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Hello, Is this still available? Thanks.

A1 Yes the aircraft is still available, 02/01/17.

Q2 Hi, Is this machine still available. What would the minimum price be? Have you photos? Martin

A2 Yes it's still available 07/01/17. Make an offer. Let me know what pictures you would like.