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Gemini F2a, Rotax Blue Top, Ssdr adid = 38914

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Weightshift Microlights, For Sale

Gemini F2A with Rotax blue top engine and E-gearbox(electric start), 4 blade WD prop, blade wheel spats, suspension nose gear, brakes on nose gear and main gear, electric backup fuel pump, 65Lt fuel tank, complete wing strip/rebuild by P&M +/- 33 hours done since. Airframe 327 hours, engine 227 hours, decoke done +/- 20 hours ago incl 1 piston replacement, all rings replaced. Carbs rebuilt, throttle cables rebuilt by P&M, all hardware replaced on trike, new EGT probes fitted, new water temp gauge, 12 volt power socket.
The trike is in pristine condition, SSDR, Trike trailer included in the sale. �3000.00 ono, Kent,
Reason for sale, Flying 3 axis.
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 07881604469 guntherwilcken at yahoo dot com