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Quantum 912 For Sale £7,750 Additional Information adid = 38921

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Weightshift Microlights, For Sale | P&M, Quantum 15-912 | £7,750

Quantum 912 (G-BZMW) for sale. Kept semi-rigged in a hangar near St Albans, north of London.1,438 hours airframe and 1,489 engine hours in logbook but will keep flying until sold. Includes black Ozee Exeat flying suit (L), Lynx helmet (L) and headset, radio, training bars and a set of screw in tie down hooks. Permit valid until July 2017. Price £7,750. Many extras including a Clarity airspace warning GPS available for sale separately.

I have flown her for 6 years but with a busy work and study routine am finding I can’t fly often enough and am stopping for a couple of years. She has given me no hassles in that time and flies beautifully. She is a high hours machine as she started life as a school trike but has only done around 300 hours in the last ten years. She had a full wing strip, inspection, wing bolt replacement and gearbox service when I bought her at 1,293 hours. She has had all the maintenance kept up to date and had the last 200 hour Rotax service done at 1,403 hours. She had a new battery and reconditioned starter fitted at 1,432 hours.
Parts replaced:
Monopole/Pylon - 524 hrs
Base bar - 1113 hrs
Front strut - 1113 hrs
Keel tube - 1293 hrs
Hang bolt - 1293 hrs
Nose plates - 1293 hrs
Full wing bolt set - 1293 hrs
Front strut channel - 1296 hrs
Leading edges were inspected and approved at 1293 hrs
Sail was replaced at 1045 hrs

The only parts that have a fatigue life expiring at 1500 hrs are the seat frame and keel tube and they would need to be inspected and would have their life extended by 1/3 if passed.

The current pricing reflects fantastic value for a 912 powered trike and should leave enough capital over in case she needs any work in the future.

Text or call me if you want to view her, take a flight or have any questions. Serious buyers please.
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details Andrew 07342065600
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