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Popham To Paphos Air Rally 2018 adid = 38946

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Fly-in, events

Air Rally from Popham Airfield UK to Paphos Airport Cyprus via numerous waypoints enroute ( Estimated Distance 2000nm.)

Currently looking for a list of interested Pilots & Aircraft.

Estimated Entry Fee = £3000.00 ( which will include all accommodation enroute & airport fees ) Fuel will be Block Booked for preferential rates.
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There are 7 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 I was wondering, if you had worked out a route yet. Alex

A1 The Route will be based on POPHAM to LE TOUQUET to BOURG EN BRESSE to MARSEILLE AIX to ROME URBE to BRINDISI to KERKIRA to MEGARA to RHODES DIAGORAS to PAPHOS. ( Other waypoints will be included for refuelling etc. )

Q2 Wow this looks interesting, does microlights (c42) include all aircraft? Any idea how many planes normally go? Looks like an incredible adventure.

A2 C42 in either Microlight or VLA version are ACCEPTED on this Air Rally. We will be accepting any flying machine on the rally. This is the first event we are organising, based on Air Rally's previously held the entry figures vary from 12 aircraft up to 100 aircraft. We are hoping for about 30 entries, we can cater for less or more entrants. Our Organisation have a Flight Handling Organisation behind us that have managed Worldwide Flights with great success.

Q3 Hi, any idea when in 2018 this is likely to happen? Thanks

A3 Planned to coincide with Popham Microlight Trade Fair dates as departure weekend. DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED.

Q4 Sounds like quite an adventure. Does the entry fee cover hotel, food and landing/handling fees for the outbound and inbound sectors. Any idea roughly on dates yet ?

A4 Planned to coincide with Popham Microlight Trade Fair dates as departure weekend. DATES TO BE ANNOUNCED. The entry fee covers hotel,landing/handling fees for the outbound sectors. Assuming that entrants will be from all over the place & returning at their own leisure we will assist with Hotel arrangements wherever possible at the preferential rates.Same applies for landing/handling fees for the inbound sectors.

Q5 Is the entry fee per aircraft or per person ?

A5 The Rally is OPEN to ALL AIRCRAFT. The Entry Fee will cover Accommodation for the Pilot & Airport Fees enroute. Any passengers can be added at a supplement. Some Accommodation will be twinned rooms and where the twin rate is the same as Single occupancy no supplement will be charged for the 2nd person.......... The planned rally is 10 day duration for a 2000 mile journey to Paphos.........Non EU Entrants will have assistance with entry permits & visas.

Q6 Hi - your route has a lot of big water crossings; are you not concerned re inexperienced pilots and sse aircraft? When last Alan & I went that way we stuck to the coastline and routed across the top of Italy then down through east Adriatic so Padova, Porteroz, Zadar, Dubrovnik then Corfu? Only askin', no offence. Tom 8-)

A6 The Route will follow the coastline between waypoints for those who have Single engine aircraft, twin engined aircraft are welcome to pick direct routings between waypoints. This is a Fun Air Rally where the pilots can choose their own routing between waypoints, the only part that we would like is that everyone tries to make the preset destinations on the itiniery timings ( we understand that weather can delay arrivals or endurances so the 10 day schedule is totally flexible, we anticipate the outbound trip taking less than 10 days which means we might have banked days in case of inclement weather etc. ) We have added the Props & Gears Airfield as an ADD ON for those in Microlights that might want to visit Nicosia.

Q7 I have a 2 year old Quik with 50 hours on the clock, I have been flying 10 years and 1,000+ hours. Flexwing pilot passenger WANTED. Count me in Yakte

A7 I am sure a Pilot/Passenger will want to utilise your spare seat.

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