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Robin Dr-315 Petit Prince *for Sale* adid = 38987

Aviation Photo number 54181
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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Robin, DR-315 Petit Prince | £21000

Very nice DR315 Petit Prince.
Currently private owned for over 5 years.
Professional maintenance and hangared.
Airframe 5203 hours total time.

Engine Lycoming O-235-C2A 472-45 hours since major overhaul by Norvic 31/07/2009. (TBO 2400 hour or 12 years)

Propellor MCCauley 1A105/BCM7060 Circa 80 hours since major overhaul by CFS 29/09/2015. (TBO 2000 hour or 6 years)

Fresh Annual inspection and new airworthiness review completed. Valid until 23/08/2018.

Radios - Digital Comm and Mode C transponder.
(Radio is not 8.33 kHz, can supply/fit any Trig radio equipment on request)

Can be viewed by appointment only at Blackpool Airport.
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 01253345396