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Flex/fixed-wing Training - 6 Miles South Of Bath adid = 38999

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Training, Clubs & training

Flexwing and fixedwing training at Bristol and Baths closest microlight flying school. Located 6 miles south of Bath with easy & quick road access. Our airfield boasts 4 superb runways with training on 4-stroke weighshift and 3-axis microlight aircraft.

Experienced instructors and a friendly club atmosphere with the possibility to learn in your own aircraft or school aircraft - and that includes solo flying for ab-initio students training for their license.

Also available - Revalidation by experience or Test, GST and ground examinations etc.

Feel free to give us a ring or pop arournd for a chat.

Tel - 07516 235 000
Email -
Web -
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details 07516235000

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