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Wing Tent (flexwing Type) £150 adid = 39041

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Weightshift Microlights, For Sale

Wing Tent for a Flex wing .
I bought this when a Farmer friend said he would mow me a strip on his set aside , was going to put Trike in a container then have wing through the Summer rigged and living in this ... great idea but it never came to happen boo hoo story of my life he he.
I think this would be great for the person who is fully de rigged and wants to spend the weekend or week flying , the wing can stay nice and safe and dry etc then just needs lifting to nose wire then away you go.
These are quite dear to purchase but have good reviews over all .Apparently they tested one on a hillside in Wales through the winter , the sheep and Shepherds hut blew away but tent stayed firm ........he he.
I paid £150 for it and would be hapy to get my money back without further profit.
So if you need a temporary house for your flex wing or longer periods of course then give me a call Rob 07944697891.
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