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New Aeropup Rtf! Back2basics! Accepting Orders adid = 39045

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | AEROPUP, AEROPUP | $44,000

AEROPUP has joined D-Motors to offer a brand new, fully customizable, AEROPUP READY TO FLY version with new Lf26 95Hp Engine, basic instrumentation and a CERTIFIED PROPELLER for as low as 44.000 USD.

All components are manufactured in Australia, with AUSTRALIAN QUALITY at low cost due to the current AUD/USD exchange.

New ownership has re-engineered the instructions creating a 3D mock-up. Contact ASAP and we will be delighted of customizing your own Aeropup with you. We will keep you updated along the manufacturing process allowing you to see it through our webcam!

Aeropup Team.
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