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Four Lycoming Aeio360 Cylinders,pistons + Parts. adid = 39056

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Engines & Props, For Sale | £175 each assy

Four Lycoming AEIO360 parallel valve, wide deck cylinders, approx. 900hrs total time from new, (not recon).+ pistons for same. includes exhaust valves, springs, you will have to provide rings, & inlet valves, & use your rockers & shaft. £175each.

Lycoming rocker boxes, clean, painted, 0360 again, parallel valve, £15 each.

Two sets of Bendix ignition harness, used but good, serviceable (M2263 large cap) £200 the pair.

Two AG4 BTH magnetos, totally overhauled, one with impulse, i.e. set for Gipsy Major, Auster/Tiger Moth/Chipmunk etc. £1100 each.

One serviceable EVRA prop for Gipsy Major (DH5220P) again, Auster/Tiger Moth. finished in white & black. £650
One clear windscreen for CAP10 or Super Emeraude, new, unfitted, £450.

Please, no time wasters. thank you.

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Gilbert, 07968004560
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