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A Smart Low Hours Pa-28-180 adid = 39168

Aviation Photo number 54463

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Piper, PA-28-180 Cherokee C | £28,950

This attractive Piper Cherokee 180 C has 3880 airframe and 1010 engine hours.

It was professionally repainted in 2016 when the interior was also refurbished.

It is fully IFR and Airways equipped with BRNAV and it has spats.

The Cherokee 180 is one of the most popular general purpose light aircraft ever built, giving good payload (956 lbs) for four adults and baggage, fast cruising at 120 Kts TAS at 5,000 ft and a short take off. Slow cruise consumes about 33 its per hour and max cruise about 37 its per hour.

8.33 kHz radio, Mode S and recent Garmin audio box.

A restricting medical for the principal owner forces its sale.
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