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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Pitts, Pitts S1c | 23000

For sale is my Pitts S1c in lovely condition, based in Norfolk.

Permit until 10th July 2017
Always kept covered so paint is still lovely & bright.

Total airframe hours 632
Total engine hours 1113

New stainless steel cross-over exhaust fitted in 2012
lycoming 0320.

A very fast little machine ,+6 -3 G
This aircraft was totally stripped down & recovered & rebuilt 8 years ago, the engine was stripped ,inspected per Lycoming Schedule SSP-1776 and SB240T & rebuilt , new standard size main and big end bearings fitted, camshaft and cam followers fitted, new pistons and rings, oil pump impeller gears replaced, the list goes on.
The engine has done just over 200 hours since, the vertical penetration is brilliant & far exceeds my previous Pitts S1c.
She is incredibly clean & under the hood is beautiful & clean.
Electric start & she always starts first time even when hot.
Sprung undercarriage
Full set of covers.
She must be seen & you would struggle to find another for the same money in this condition.

Call Alan 07906521043
Based in south Norfolk.
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details Norfolk