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Luton La5 Major. adid = 39239

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Light Aircraft, For Sale | €16,000 ono

1930s vintage design and built in 1997 from plans, with a current IAA permit (October 30th 2016) this wonderful aircraft will put the fun back into your flying. Offering Piper Cub flying at a fraction of the cost this aircraft is an ideal first tail dragger. It has a very low stall speed of 35k but with a powerful Lycoming 0-235 engine giving 115hp it can deal with the shortest of strips, tarmac or grass. Prop is Hercules timber. Fuel 21g using approx. 23L/h.
No electrics, no radio (I use a hand held with intercom), no flaps, no lights, no transponder.................... very low maintenance. The wings fold (in about 3 minutes single handed) for low hanger costs !!
The engine is hand started, but easy, even single handed. Flown solo from the rear seat this aircraft offers great tail wheel flying with full dual controls. Total time on the engine is about 825 hours but will change as it is flying almost every week.
No tail dragger experience ?............. not a problem. I had none when I bought this Luton 3 years ago and I have had great fun ever since.
Located at EICN near Shannon Airport.
Send a Secure Message. Contact Details Brian. 353-087-6701356