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Share For Sale Piper Arrow 3, Denham Based adid = 39412

Aviation Photo number 55035
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Light Aircraft, Shares & Groups | Piper, Arrow 3 | £17,000

1/3 share available in well-run group for 1977 N-Reg Piper Arrow III N808VT.

This beautiful, well looked after aircraft is often touring Europe and further afield. Fully IFR approved; Garmin GNS430 (8.33 radio), Garmin Audio, Garmin GTX328 Mode S, Century IIB autopilot, EDM 700 Engine & Fuel Flow Management, DME, ADF, ELT, 4 x lifejackets.

Complex category 201 hp, Cruise 135 kts, long range tanks - 7 hours endurance.

Hours: Engine: 1304; Airframe: 6005; Prop: 130

Share price: £17,000 no VAT
Monthly fee: £325 covering standard operating costs of Insurance, Annual, Parking etc
Dry rate: £40ph including engine fund contribution
Send Colin Hastings a Secure Message. Contact Details 07957568986