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Blade / Alpha Touring Screens, adid = 8373

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Miscellaneous, For Sale | ?64.99

Blade touring screens, over 350 sold all over the UK!! Increase pilot and passenger comfort and get better communications. All major credit & Debit cards accepted, phone orders welcome

Increased fuel economy!
Better Communications!!
Increased comfort!!!

The screen will fit all Blade and alpha's
I have 5 of these available!!

Order direct from
Paypal accepted
Send Steve Morris a Secure Message. Contact Details 07773779292 Ask a Question


There are 3 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Would the touring screen adapt to fit a Chaser S ?

A1 The screen is designed only for P&M Blades & Flash 2 Alpha', However you can modify the screen to fit as long as you apply for a Mod via the BMAA Thanks for your interest

Q2 I know you say it will not fit a chaser --will it fit a Pegasus XL

A2 Again, the screen is only designed for use on a Flash 2 Alpha & Blades. The front strut is in front of the screen on the XL, so there is no positive locking for the touring screen. Hope this helps? Thanks Steve

Q3 Hi - You said in the previous question that the front strut on a Pegasus XL sits in front of the screen. That is incorrect. It has the same configuration as a Flash 2 Alpha, and therefore I cannot see any reason why the screen cannot be adapted for use on a XL or a Q. Cheers Bob

A3 awaiting answer