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Tsr3 Monoplane adid = 8430

Aviation Photo number 379
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Light Aircraft, For Sale | Storey | ?10,000 ono

TSR3 monoplane for sale. Very nice condition PFA Permit to June 08. 420 hours on airframe about 170hours on engine. A one off aeroplane designed and built by racing pilot Tom Storey in 1968. 100hp continental engine.
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There are 2 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 Phil, Couple of questions if I may Will it fit a 6' 3" pilot who weighs 200 lb (90 kg) complete with flying suit, boots and headset Is it suitable for operation off grass? What is the useful load? Does the Permit allow aerobatics, or is it a pure racer? thanks -- Simon Craven

A1 Hi, the empty weight of the TSR3 is 281kg and max all up weight is 420kg. It is suitable for grass field operation. It was designed to +6g and -4g but is not aproved for aerobatics on its permit. The designer/builder was not a fan of aerobatics according to an article in Pilot magazine on the TSR3. With regards to a 6' 3" pilot fitting in thats a difficult one. We are all different shapes so you would probably fit but I couldnt guarantee it

Q2 Hi Phil If it helps I used to operate this fantastic aircraft and I'm 6'3". It was perfectly comfortable as I set-up the seat to suit my frame. Tom Storey is also a big feller! Best of luck with the sale. Adrian

A2 awaiting answer

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