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Mooney 231 Turbo For Sale adid = 8473

Aviation Photo number 419
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Light Aircraft, For Sale | MOONEY, 231K TURBO | 94900 EUROS

fast and and economical aircraft, 1900h since new, engine 470H since OH, prop 3 blade deiced 70h since OH, GNS 430 coupled B-rnav with KFC 200 autopilot and HSI, wheater radar, Engine analyser, second AI,KX155 FM immun,ADF KR87, DME KN62, very good shape and interior. Fly at 170Knt for only 12.5USG
Contact Lionel at +33 607 292 401 aircraft located in France.
Send Lionel Lionel a Secure Message. Contact Details +33 607 292 401 Ask a Question

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Q1 What year is she and what registration?

A1 awaiting answer