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10m Of 22swg Locking Wire To Secure Bolts And Nuts adid = 8794

Aviation Photo number 759
Views so far = 7334

Miscellaneous, For Sale | ? 3.24

10 Metres of 22 Standard Wire Gauge Locking Wire as used with Safety Wire Locking Twisting Pliers.
A must for any one who maintains bolts that could be subject to vibration.

Stainless steel locking wire used for safety wiring of nuts, bolts, exhaust spring, turnbuckles etc. Wire is 22SWG (0.71mm) and conforms to British Ministry specification DTD189A.

10 metre with UK postage ? 3.24

20 metre with UK postage ? 6.00

30 metre with UK postage ? 8.50

Please ask if postage required outside of UK

PayPal, UK Postal Order or UK bank cheque

email (as used when paying with PayPal)

Text or Tel 07952 123883
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There is a question posted by an interested user

Q1 That?s amazing, some people sale ?50,000 Microlights and don?t bother to add a photo. You are selling some locking wire for just ?3.24 and have a great photo. I hope you sell loads as that?s a good deal.

A1 awaiting answer

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