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O-200 Exhaust Suit Jodels Etc - Sold Thanks Afors adid = 9079

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Parts For Aircraft, For Sale | Aircraft Exhausts | ?350

Factory built stainless O-200 exhaust (by Aircraft Exhausts in the US for AMD aircraft the LSA version of Zodiac 601xl).
Brand new and unfitted. Excellent quality and light with a silencer on each tailpipe. Cabin and carb heating muffs on silencers (it needs approximately 12 inches clearance to the firewall from the centreline of the aft exhaust port)
Would fit a variety of O-200 engines machines given the dimensions above. Inspite of the mufflers, lighter than any of the carbon steel exhausts. Only for sale because my 601 had the extended fuselage and so insufficient clearance!
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