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Sold: Air Creation Buggy 582 adid = 9181

Aviation Photo number 1317
Views so far = 15660

Weightshift Microlights, For Sale | Air Creation, Buggy - 582 | ?10500

!! This has now been sold. !!

Some details:
Type: Air Creation Buggy
Wing: Kiss 400
60L Fuel tank
Electric Start
Build Year: 2003
Previous owners: 2
Hours Flown: 219
Hours Flown in Previous Year: 20
Documentation included: All build documentation, Up to date owners logbook, Batten profiles, All mod documentation (Rear storage unit, Radio, GPS mount), all maintenance receipts
Permit to Fly: Reissued April 2008, valid until April 2009

The Extra's
Flying Suits: 2 Ozzie flying suits, one large, one small ? Brand new
Helmets and Headsets: 2 Lynx Micro System, with power interface
Other Clothing: Ozzie Balaclava?s
Others: Multitude of maps, wing tie downs, 10L travel petrol tank, 20L Jerry can, wing and trike covers,

For loads of additional pics, and everything else on sale- checkout:

The Air creation is one of the sweetest trikes I've ever flown. It's light and extremely manoeurverable- both of the ground and in the air.

?10500 all in, or ?10 000 with extra's excluded

Location of Trike is at Sywell Aerodrome, Northhampton in the Flylight Hangar :
Send Giles Parnell a Secure Message. Contact Details 07793 122453 Ask a Question


There are 5 Questions posted by interested users.

Q1 where is the plane hangar

A1 The Trike is based at Sywell Aerodrome in Northampton in the Flylight Hangar :

Q2 Can the aircraft stay at Sywell with the new owner RB

A2 Of Course. I currently pay ?75 hangarage a month at Flylight. All trikes are stored fully rigged and there's the added advantage that there's a fully funtional engineering workshop to help carry out required engine checks, and general maintenance and repairs. Damn fine guys :)

Q3 sono interessato all'acquisto mi trovo in italia, vorrei sapere precisamente pagando in euro quanto costa? e se lo puoi mandare in italia via treno. grazie per una sua celere risposta. distinti saluti guido.

A3 Ciao, scuse, i don' la t parla italiano, in modo da Yahoo Babelfish ha aiutato:) Costo in Euro' la s ? 13.220. Non pagher? i costi del trasporto, ma lo aiuter? a spedirlo in Italia. Riguardi Giles

Q4 Hi,cant seem to get your link to work! Thought you might like to know? Alex

A4 Hi Alex. Sorry you can't see the images. I tested the album out on a number of machines. Please let me know if you're still having problems. Regards Giles

Q5 Hi.. Is the aircraft still for sale? What will she comfortably cruise at? Is it electric start? What condition is the aircraft & engine in? Do you have a trailer? .... Thanks

A5 Hi Cruise is around 55mph. Arms comfortable resting on the bar- it's 60mph :) Yes, there is an electric start Engine and Trike, as described, are in excellent condition. I do not have a trailer.