This kit is the wet (car like) radiator and fan system rather than the cheaper exhaust wrap type. This is safer, in my view, as it removes the risk of exhaust gas being brought into the cabin.

This kit was bought for the Rans S6 but I can see no reason why the system could not be fitted to any watercooled engine but you would have to do your own investigation. The kit is as new, undamaged, never been fitted and still in the box and original sealed plastic labeled bags.

The kit contains the radiator, fan, control valve, push pull control knob/cable, fan switch, in line fuse holder, cable, mountings, hoses, connectors, hose connector tees, jubilee clips, zippy ties pop rivets, the lot.

I laid it all out to take pics but I can`t find the charger for the camera and the one on my phone wont download. Do be reassured it it undamaged, unused and as new. £200.00

I have just found a radiator and fan $435 or £300.00 on Aircraft spruce called the Neat Heater. The fitting kit is $243 or £180, total of £480.00. Mine is the complete kit and so must be a bargain.

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