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Cookies were developed to overcome a fundamental issue in the internet system, which is that the HTTP protocol has no 'memory'! (the techy word for this is "stateless").

Cookies are very simply, small pieces of text information that is sent between websites and your browser and vice versa.
This enables a 'memory' for the interaction, so the server knows its the same person coming back.
This is evident, when you log into the system, as the site, then knows who you are and can assign you, to your own adverts. The fact that it can remember this, even if you then log out, is down to the use of cookies.

Here is a basic example.
If you don’t have cookies already for this site. You may notice the mandatory warning at the top. This has become necessary, due to recent changes to European law, which requires this notice.
To get rid of the notice, you just need to accept this cookie policy, by clicking on the accept button.
Guess what. -- This action, sets a cookie on your computer, so the next time you visit, the site knows you have already accepted the policy and doesn’t need to bother you with the warning again.

Cookies are benign and in themselves are not normally a security risk. This site uses cookies to function properly, as do most of the big name sites.

More specifically
When you arrive on this site, cookies are exchanged between your browser and this site's servers, which includes Google. This then allows the site to know what information to present to you, on your next page view and on any subsequent visits.
In particular, we use cookies to provide detailed metrics of the site usage.
This allows us to detect potential areas of the site which need improvement. Any information analysed, is for the entire site. Individual usage metrics are not tracked.

Cookies are also used to help tailor adverts to your preferences. In my opinion, this is actually a very good thing, helping significantly with the user experience.

Most Web browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can usually change your browsers preferences to prevent them being stored. Without cookies, however, you are not able to use this site as intended, and your user experience will be greatly diminished. In particular, you will not be able to log in, register, create ads, ask questions, or enquire on adverts.

The following table shows the cookies afors uses and what they are for.

Cookie Nameused For
cpused to determine if you have accepted the cookie policy!
pIf you are logged in, this will be set to your log in Identifier

Thanks for your understanding and your continued use of Afors


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