Pulsar GTR syndicate Henstridge, Somerset 1/5 share United Kingdom


Pulsar GTR £15,000

Pulsar GTR 912s £15,000 for 1/5th share... excellent value for money.

We are forming a new syndicate at Henstridge airfield based around the latest and best offering from P & M.

This is without a doubt the best microlight in the world!

We are looking for interested pilots or students to take a 1/5 share in this fantastic machine. (50 % deposit required, expect 3 month lead time on order.)
Benefits are numerous:
Partially enclosed cockpit for warmer flying in winter. Much more comfort for occupants with only light visorless helmets needed.
Comprehensive insurance and syndicate agreement with an on-line booking system.
Excellent tourer.
Full spec GTR wing with Rotax 912S 100 hp.
All the trimmings with Mode S transponder and GPS, iPad docker.
Analogue instruments.
Colours to be decided.
Fully rigged at Henstridge airfield. EGHS (BA80TN) which has a hard runway (07/25) and a very friendly club environment.
Running costs will be very reasonable, you should anticipate £12/hr for the maintenance pool, £15-17/hr for fuel, depending on how fast you fly and the price of fuel, and £125/ month for hangarage and insurance. (approximately £75k-£80k @ 8% p.a fully inclusive hull cover....) Please note all figures are approximate and subject to change with time. But these are my best estimates.
Happy for new students to apply to join or old timers, or people with plenty of flying experience looking to get into the best aircraft without having to be minted.
As a student you can get instruction with very experienced flying instructor with now 30 years flying experience and 5000 plus hours on all types. (Yes I'm getting old! Just turned 50!)
Speak to Ian MacAdam or visit our website for more info.... (website: www.learn-to-fly.co.uk) or call the office 020-300-49100 or mobile 07710-464828.

Contact the advertiser Contact Details 07710 464828


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