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Potential new logo for afors? United Kingdom

Hello everyone,

I'm working with a UX designer to bring afors a new interface, and a long required mobile experience.

One thing we are considering is a logo redesign.

Here is one proposal,


Can I ask everyone to click the contact button to give me feedback on what you think Please?

here are a few of the comments so far.

"I quite like the style of the original logo maybe a wee colour change"

"the old logo is better and it is well known. It ain't broke, don't fix it."

"it is clean and simple but do you really want to dump the old logo? Everyone knows it and trusts it. You have worked hard to get AFORS where it is, a trusted site. Nobody at Mercedes-Benz or BMW would change their trade Mark!"

"I reckon it looks very smart. Good luck with whichever logo you choose."

"Looks great and I'm always in favour of change if it's an improvement and this is."

Thanks to you all


Contact the advertiser Contact Details 0780 398 9509

Afors Logo
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