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Reality Kid SSDR Project United Kingdom

Project aircraft, Reality Kid SSDR.

This aircraft has had a landing accident, the aircraft needs the covering removed and the fuselage inspected, it might or might not need either some replacement tube fitting or a bit of straightening, it also needs blasting and either 2 pack paint or quality powder coat.

Both wings need stripping of covering and and inspecting. Some of the ribs on one wing have become detached but the spars look OK, ailerons and flaps will need stripping and recovering.

New parts needed are landing gear (landing legs, axles maybe wheels and tyres) and bungee struts.

Axiro Wankel engine fitted and believed OK as is 3 blade composite prop, basic VFR flight instruments fitted in panel.

This would ideally suit a prolific aircraft builder who has an empty workshop or somebody who who has more time than money but wants to get in the air.

Price is negotiable but it is not going to be given away, interested parties please call Paul on 01328 878004 office hours

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