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Wanted - Share in light aircraft based at Headcorn (EGKH) United Kingdom

I am a new (low hours) PPL looking for a share in a light aircraft based at Headcorn (or possibly Rochester). I trained on the Robins at Headcorn and my preference is low wing and control column (not yoke), but I am open to virtually anything. Must be 2 or 4 seats and reasonably comfortable for touring. Aerobatic capability would be a bonus, but not required.
(I'd also be very interested in a Yak-52 share if available).

Something like:

  • Robin DR300/400

  • Vans RV6A / RV4A / RV8A (I also like tandem)

  • Slingsby T67 firefly

  • Diamond DA20 / DA40

  • PS-28 SportCruiser

  • Europa TriGear

  • Eurostar EV97

  • Lancair 320

  • Bristell NG5

  • etc...

Prefer tricycle gear, but would consider tailwheel conversion for the right airplane. I would be okay with retractable gear and fixed speed prop, but would need conversion.

Also, if there are enough like-minded people I'm open to forming a new syndicate of 4-8 members to buy a new or used aircraft similar to one of the above types to base at Headcorn. There is a fantastic looking RV8A on afors right now! Being a new PPL I would prefer at least one member to have experience already with an ownership syndicate.

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