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QuikR 912s United Kingdom

Now Sold

NOW SOLD, thank you

G-CGAZ QuikR (google the registration, lots of information on the internet)

I purchased this aircraft at the beginning of the year following a landing accident in which the aircraft was damaged. To get the Quik airworthy again the wing and trike were completely repaired and rebuilt.

The wing had much of the main components replaced, leading edge tubes and cross boom tubes were checked and replaced as needed, nose plates replaced along with half of the control frame and wing strut components.
The sail was betts tested and due to the excellent result I decided to have it repaired including having the entire under surface replaced, keel pocket and top cap (all the sail work was completed by Denise at Pennine microlights)

The trike was stripped and rebuilt using a replacement keel tube. The fairings were repaired with aircraft grade epoxy and e-glass and repainted to match the original as closely as possible.

The engine is a 912s with soft start fitted along with lithium battery and runs very well.

The aircraft has covered 2800hrs and was one of Gordon Douglas training aircraft, if you know Gordon you know how well he looks after his aircraft.

The aircraft just needs a bit more attention to make it perfect. The 'stars system needs setting and the wing needs trimming and a few other small jobs but apart from that it is good to go. I don't have time to invest at the moment as I'm busy with a new business venture and can't see me having time to fly any time soon.

Please text or e-mail in the first instance as my reception is very poor and my phone cuts out when I try to answer! I will get back to you.

Wing wires replaced (all) 08/1/18
Top end rebuilt 05/07/17
New sail fitted 05/03/13
Gearbox replaced 03/07/16

Any questions, please ask. (the aircraft is based in south Lincolnshire)
The aircraft will be sold on a 'first come, first served' basis.

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