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Jet Provost T MK3A GBVEZ XM479- Teesside Airport United Kingdom

Jet Provost Mk3 3500

Jet Provost T MK3A GBVEZ XM479- Teesside Airport based .
-An equal share in the aircraft will cost £3500 -Monthly charge is £200 -No flight charge apart from fuel, landing, training instruction expenses etc.

-Fuel burn 600l JET A1 per hour. Jet A1 is around 50p . So £300 per hour ish WET rate -Landing £48. Fly with a friend and its £150 per hr which is C172 money!

-Total time flying experience of around the 200 hr mark is recommended for the issuance of a rating. Training can begin from 100-150 hr mark – We use both ex mil and civvy instructors. Conversion takes around 5 hours depending on experience for solo. 10 hrs needed for Pax flights - Rating is only valid in the UK and on JPs Mk1-4

- We have members all over the UK who just travel to fly her.
-Aircraft is easy to fly but more complex in operation.
It’s within the reach of most competent PPL’s. The group puts a very high emphasis on safe operation and we are only looking for conscientious pilots who do things by the book. Operating these vintage jets has its challenges but it’s a lot of fun.

The group have 50-50 cost share flights between members, airshows with free fuel, and with the change in CAA rules means we can offer flights to other people at 99% of the fuel costs etc. This help keeps group members current by someone paying for the majority of the JP flight.

For more information, please send us a message through our contact us form on website and we can line up a trial flight.

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