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listing placed 13 January 2022 United Kingdom

Percival P40 Prentice Project

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P40 Prentice £20,000

Rare opportunity to purchase a vintage Percival P40 Prentice project. Designed in 1943 for the RAF, the Prentice makes a good ab initio Warbird Trainer. It has standard WW2 British systems, Hymatic pneumatic, bag brakes and 24v with electric start.
Handling is stock British WW2. In RAF use these were aerobatic, the wing being stressed originally to +10G. The cockpit benefits bakelite bucket seats, spade grip controls, standard AM6 dial Blind Flying Panel and AM Z type seat belts.
Option to fit out in original RAF 3 seat or up to 7 seat conversion.
Restoration to Airworthiness began, work has stopped to allow it's sister ship to be rebuilt and is offered for sale as an ongoing project.
All metal airframe, many parts are rebuilt. Fabric covered controls. Wings part rebuilt and metal work required.
Engine is 250hp DH Gipsy Queen 30 series. This is low hours and stripped for rework and reassembly. DH 2 blade bracket propeller (overhauled).
Option on Indian Airforce T3 Conversion kit to fit 400hp DH Queen 70 livening climb performance and 171mph in the cruise.
Included are a set of manuals and manufacturer's drawings.
Some parts require replacement. Most items are British Air Ministry.
Technical assistance is available if required and can be operated on a UK CofA Old Annex2 for Ride Flying or option to place on a CAA Permit to Fly, possibly within specs for UK LAA similar weight as DH Comet.
Flown as RAF VS610 in Military service.
Post war this machine was Bob Batts Aviation Traders Chief Engineer's Aircraft G-AOKL.
Located Aberdeen. Scotland

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