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listing placed 26 January 2022 United Kingdom

Global 2 cyl 4 stroke engine - SOLD

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SOLD: Global – 2 cylinder 4 stroke engine : SOLD

Designed specifically for ultralight aircraft.

Fairbanks Morse magneto for creating spark at low RPM
35hp @ 3,250 rpm
34.5kg dry
1,039cc 9:1 compression
Zenith series 68 type carburetor

Shipped to the UK from factory in North Carolina in 1984 and sat in its packing crate ever since.

2 engines available with propeller mounting plates

Engine 1 (complete)- £700

Engine 2 (missing one inlet and one exhaust pipe)- £600

Please contact Tony McBreen for more information 07731 681698 or email and I will pass the message on.

Contact the advertiser Contact Details 07731 681698
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