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listing placed 24 November 2022 Ireland

Piper PA-22-108 Colt **Price Reduced**

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PA-22 €23,500

The Piper Colt is probably of the very few tricycle landing aeroplanes a new PPL could buy and operate safely on an ILAS permit to fly. The Colt was in use extensively as the defacto primary trainer by CSE in Oxford, and the Ulster Flying Club operated one for years in the same role. A novice pilot will be able to operate this classic aircraft at a low cost and build their hours up while learning about aircraft ownership on the way. The Colt is also rewarding for the keen, experienced pilot as is easy to fly but hard to fly really well. The aircraft type is so robust that Piper produced a film way back in the 50's showing the PA22 taking off from a ploughed field across the furrows in the field.

EI-EZX is far nicer than an aeroplane at this price point should be. Back in November 2013 we first came across this aeroplane when it had been imported from the UK as G-ARJF. The then owners were able to point out it had dual 18 Gallon Tanks, Skylight, Disc Brakes, Four Point Harness, Alternator Upgrade, Lightweight Starter and a Spin-on Oil Filter. Someday we knew it would cross our path, and here it is.

The engine was stripped and repaired by Deltair in March 2000, it has run 468hrs since then. Looking through the logs the Carburetor, Magnetos, Leads, Plugs, Alternator, Vacuum Pump and Engine Mounts all stand out as being recently done. Inspections on Valve Gear, Tappet Clearances, Prop Flange and Hollow Crank Inspection all were in our notes as being done 177hrs ago. If you are serious about having it, come with your engineer and we can split an oil filter and do a compression test. We know there won’t be any surprises. The fabric was recovered when the aircraft was rebuilt in March 2000 by Maurice Colson at Stockton. The interior is so good, that you would want to take off your shoes before getting in. We can see the pride of ownership in the laminated checklists, updated flight manual and calibrated dipstick that the previous owner made for it. The aircraft will have a new permit to fly, but a new owner will need to become a member of ILAS before they buy this aircraft. If flight instruction is needed we will get an ILAS member who is an instructor to fly with you until you are entirely comfortable at your new proposed base.

The aeroplane gets off the ground sharpish, and the wetter the field the better it likes it. The panel has an artificial horizon, a King KX170B Nav/Com, Cessna ARC Mode C Transponder and a King KR-85 ADF. The best climb speed is 75mph and the standard cruise is 2400rpm at 100mph burning 26L or so. The low compression Lycoming O-235-C1B engine wouldn’t be adverse to MoGas, but we are running it on Avgas. If you look at the aeroplane and look at the books, you will understand why we have it. For €23,500 it would be mighty fun for a small group or new owner. All you need is a hangar and an open mind!

If we like you, we have a Trig 8.33Khz bought for something else that could go with the aircraft. Really only suitable for a buyer in Europe, Ireland, NI etc - as to go back on the G-reg is a lot of work and we haven't time. If you want to change the registration feel free.

William Flood
0035387 2218706

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