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listing placed 11 August 2022 United Kingdom

Share in Beagle Pup 150 at Gamston

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B121 £3500

I'm selling my share in G-AXNS, a Beagle Pup 150 based at Gamston, within easy reach of Nottingham, Sheffield, Lincoln, Newark, etc. It's a well-run group of 9 members and there's plenty of availability through an on-line booking app, e-allocator.

The Pup was built in 1967 and has been flown continuously ever since. It has a mid-life engine around 1100 hours and we've recently refurbed several key items, notably the cowling assembly and the exhaust stubs. We're a group of enthusiasts and look after our aircraft!

The interior is showing its age, but avionics etc are good - Trig 8.33 radio, VOR/ADF/DME and several of the group use the aircraft to maintain their IR(R) rating - we have several instructors on the field who know the Pup and can assist with this.

Cost: £84 per month, £36ph dry - we fill the tanks after our session to leave them full for the next person. Flying time charged take-off to landing, typically tacho time minus ten mins.

We don't aerobat the aircraft in order to optimise the fatigue times, but it handles beautifully, almost as good as a Chippie, and is also a fab tourer, cruising around 100 kts. The share price is determined by the group, which is a trust, and non-negotiable. Contact me by text initially for more info.

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