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listing placed 16 March 2023 United Kingdom

Raj Hamsa X'Air 582

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X'Air 582 4800

X'Air Standard with a 582 mod 90 engine. DUC Windspoon Propeller.

Electric start, Lithium battery.

Permitted up to 30th May.

492 hours airframe

93.5 hours SMOH, 37 hours TEOH (300 & 50 intervals)

Still in use so may rise.

Really good from rough and small airstrips due to the soft suspension and tough tyres. Gets off the ground really quickly.

Fabric was described by the inspector (Gordon Foulkner) as "that's fine and I expect it will still pull 1360g in another twenty years". Some delaminating of the Dacron on the wingtips but this is normal. Skins are Mylar (Dacron with a clear laminate for longevity and windproofing).

Very sweet easy to fly aircraft. Great for a learner or someone who wants to dip their toe cheaply into microlighting from GA.

Test flights welcome for serious buyers. Hangared 22 miles North of Welshpool.

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